Hiring Kristine the past two and a half years has increased my brand awareness and online sales ten fold. She connected me to influencers I would have never otherwise been able to do. This combined with her knowledge of creating thoughtful, beautiful social media content, studying web analytics, and delivering new ideas for the brand (i.e. pop up events, newsletter ideas, etc) has helped to strengthen my brand presence. She has been a true delight to work and communicate with!
Her impeccable work ethic, commitment to conscious content creation, and her experience as a successful entrepreneur has helped me not only with my business needs but has expanded me to see that if she can do it, I can do it. She’s the most encouraging that I feel like I am the most myself around her. And she’s able to capture all of that through our time together so we get the most authentic work. I couldn’t be happier to work with Kristine and would highly recommend her in all of her wonderful offerings.
— Hayley W. | Therapeutic Skin Coach
Kristine is professional and caring. She is a perfectionist in the most nurturing and supportive way. All of her communications are clear which I really appreciate. She is always prompt and articulates what to expect- these are important when you hire someone. What I got from Kristine was more than a work project. She wants to deliver what you are looking for, so she helps you recognize what you are looking to achieve so she can make that happen for you. Her eye and aesthetic and styling are genius.
— Lisa G. | The Lympathic Message
When I work on creative projects, I always think the synergy of the team has such an impact on the work. That’s why I work with Kristine as much as possible. She is extremely professional, timely, and creates her content with the highest possible intention. She also knows how to put together a team whom respect and value each other thus leading to the best possible work
— Christen D. | CAM Jewelry
I’ve been following Kristine’s feed on Instagram for a while and really dig her vibe. Sometimes I see photos that I like on other people’s feed and find out that it was her work being featured...
To be honest, I was a little nervous about how the whole thing will work out. It’s a pretty big thing trusting a stranger on a job based on their online presence alone. Kristine delivered. She understood what I wanted to achieve and was able to realize it. Part of why I wanted to work with her was that she is well-versed in the world of woo and wellness. She was calm throughout the shoot despite the fact that her passport was missing and she was flying to Bali some days after.

What I appreciate the most about her was how she would support me to be confident about the outcome of this project. I would occasionally express doubt or uncertainty during the shoot and she’d gently point that out and encourage me to use more assured language.
I have had the pleasure of working with Kristine on a few projects now. Working with her is always supportive, and inspiring! She has not only helped bring thoughts and ideas to life but has the ability to help bring out the best in oneself and brand. Her eye and aesthetic are innovative, yet soft and approachable. Her manner is sweet but fierce in the best way possible. I am in constant awe of her hard work and dedication to her professional and personal life, always expanding and growing! She has personally helped my brand development, and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to work together. I look forward to continuing!
— Tara C. | Skin Food Talk