Conscious creativity is connecting intuition with a compassionate perspective on life to manifest desired intentions for the greater good.


In this workshop, you will define your ‘nature and intent’, consciously map out your year, and align with your purpose.

By nourishing your nature and intent through conscious self-guided inquiry and hands-on creativity, you can support and create your vision of a purposeful life.


For this workshop, you will need:

  • Internet access

  • Pen and print the digital download of the workbook.

  • Create space for 45 - 90 minutes of the workshop.

    Optional: incense, magazines, cardboard paper, scissors, and glue.

Workshop Includes: 

  • Guided self-inquiry to discover and define your intention for 2019.

  • Designing your year to align with your passions and purpose.

  • Holistic Guide to Living Your Nature and Intent

  • Daily Practices and Holistic support.

Investment = $33


This online workshop is available for a limited time.

Please email for any questions.

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