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Value of Content & Content Marketing

In the digital space, content is information that creates value and leads to action. Types of content include written, visual, and audioContent marketing is a strategic approach to communicate valuable, relevant, consistent, and targeted information for your target audience. We believe that growing your digital presence requires more than just having a website with a few images and written copy. You can create a digital experience for your ideal customer by creating valuable content through different platforms. Creating intentional content also allows you to create a meaningful connection with your target audience. This connection through content creates a relationship and trust that leads to desirable action. This includes: A follow on Instagram, email inquiry, newsletter sign-up, purchase of your product and/or booking a session.

Types Content


Photos for Website

Digital and Print Look books


Instagram Photos & Videos



& more.


Website copy

Blog posts

Email Newsletters

Instagram captions


& more.


Videos, Podcasts, & more

Authentic Marketing

More than ever, consumers are inundated with a sea of saturated content online. This is not a digital bootcamp to produce 60 days worth of content in a weekend. Our approach is to authentically position your brand through content that is not sales-y or manipulative.

We strive to promote quality over quantity.

Authentic marketing is an organic approach to connect with consumers that is received as positive and genuine. 

A customer experiences your brand through your content shared on different channels. Creating visual and written assets on your digital platforms act as your 24/7 store front and sales person. The way you position your brand through your content attracts your target audience.

For example, as the founder of Nature and Intent, I’m constantly marketing myself and my brand in a way that positions my values. My intention is that my work and partnerships create a meaningful impact for the collective good. I am hired based on the content I create and the way I position my values which attract conscious clients and purpose driven brands.

As the business owner, you have unique insight into your story, values and offerings. Part of authentic marketing involves connecting and creating an impact with your audience.

Positive Positioning - sharing your values and positive attributes as a business owner that connects with others.

To reach your ideal clients and customers takes meaningful effort to stand-out from the noise. Being intentional with your content creation and marketing will set you apart. We've discussed the fact that content creates value and trust in the consumer. One interaction with a brand won't always lead to engagement or a desired action (purchase or booking). On average, a customer will have at least 7 brand touch points before purchasing a product or service from a brand.

Brand Touchpoint - interaction a consumer has with a brand. 

Sharing consistent content is like building a relationship, the consumer gets to know your brand then makes a decision before they move forward. This is why it's important to share content on different platforms while remaining rooted to your authentic essence and intention.

Nature and Intent 

Merging purpose with our authentic essence.

We believe that business is a vehicle for creating value. Sharing our brand intention, values and unique brand story through content is more than a creative process. To define your authentic essence, your purpose, may come natural or take practice through inward inquiry.

In the next section, you will define your brand's intention as the foundation of your content creation. 



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