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Since 2014, Kristine Lo has worked with over 100 emerging and established brands, agencies, influencers, and conscious-driven companies creating visual assets, strategies and experiences.

As a Creative Director & Owner of a contemporary fashion brand from 2009-2013, she has experience in building a business from concept to launch, managing e-commerce platforms & wholesale accounts, building brand presence through press & social media and ethically producing clothing & jewelry locally in Los Angeles. She has since switched roles and is currently an editorial and commercial photographer with a passion for nature, travel and wellness.

Her early approach to creativity and business has always been rooted in integrity. With a well-rounded experience in creative, marketing, and business, she offers a 360 degree perspective for her clients. She created Nature and Intent as a creative container that houses the services to support businesses with integrity.

Her own personal wellness and spiritual journey has created a foundation for her creative & professional work while remaining authentic to her nature and intent. 


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We exist to elevate the nature and intent of brands leading with integrity. Our vision is that our work and partnerships create a meaningful impact for the collective good. 

Our creative consultancy consciously partners with emerging and established brands with creative, marketing, and event production services that elevate brand presence and purpose. We work with fashion, lifestyle and wellness companies on project-based or on-going partnerships. Our intention is to create content, experiences and strategies rooted in authenticity.


Photo by Brianna Vail