Finding Purpose.

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Finding Purpose. | Nature and Intent Founder Kristine Lopez

Since my early adolescent, I've asked myself repeatedly 'What is my purpose in life?" That inward inquiry throughout my twenties inspired my early intention to make a meaningful difference in the world through my career. My journey to discovering my current purpose through Nature and Intent was anything but linear. I felt called to share my own experiences and what I have done to find purpose with the intention to elevate and inspire others on their own journey. 

In college, I studied health and sciences but also had a side-passion in design and creating. I lived the classic story of following what society and my parents expected of me. So I checked-off going to college and graduated with a degree in Public Health. My plan was to work at a non-profit promoting health and wellness. But my vision of a career to be part of a health organization with a desk job did not pan out. What happened after college was exploring multitude career paths through internships and part-time jobs. I held roles in admin, design, bookkeeping, fashion, pr, marketing, and sales. Looking back I'm so grateful to have such well-rounded experiences that led me to my dream career rooted in my passion for creating.

My journey to becoming a Photographer and Consultant working with aligned fashion, lifestyle and wellness brands has been incredible. After working with agencies, brands, and influencers creating content and strategies, I decided to house the on-going content creation, marketing, and production under Nature and Intent

It's become a beautiful creative container to support brands in elevating their nature and intent to make a meaningful impact on society. A full circle moment is realizing that I am still supporting the health of communities by working with conscious, holistic, and wellness businesses. I also get to honor that passion for creating and design through my photography work with fashion and lifestyle brands. I haven't completely figured everything in my life but after almost three decades of existence, I feel I've found what I'm meant to do in this present moment. It is so nourishing to be on this path where I am elevated and aligned. Although it hasn't been all perfect, I'm grateful for all the challenges, gifts and lessons.

As a Projector, it's in my human design to continue to ask the big-picture questions, understand life and others in a way to offer guidance. What I'm very clear on is that I care deeply to support others. Also, it has been more clear to me through personal insight that I can simply support others by sharing my experience. So in this post, I'm sharing what I've done over the years and currently to discover my current purpose in hopes to inspire you in finding yours.


Writing is therapeutic. I journal almost every day and it's been this beautiful ritual that has supported my emotional and spiritual health. I would recommend free-writing or integrate current themes in life. I typically start with how I feel physically, then write out what I'm currently thinking or what I'm struggling with and closing it with gratitude. Daily gratitude practice has always given me perspective no matter how negative and hopeless life may seem. 

Ask the right Questions

I like how Tony Robbins shares about focus and shifting your daily mindset in this particular talk. I was inspired by the way he explains how our inner dialogue- the specific questions we ask ourselves- already presume our core beliefs about ourselves. I've recently completed Shadow work. My biggest shadow is being 'lazy'. I've been asking myself this question probably my entire life: "Why am I so lazy?" I would compare my energy and lack thereof to others who are always going, going, going. Even though I've accomplished a lot and am highly driven to succeed, I've always felt guilty for not doing as much as what others can do. The root of my shadow is layered with programming and not living my human design. But ultimately my question needed a reframe. So I've been asking myself recently "How can I set-up my days so that I am accomplishing my goals and needs?" I've since accepted my slower, mindful pace and living my human design as a Projector. I know I would have to be more creative and 'work smarter, not harder'. I invite you to be conscious of what you ask yourself daily. Does the way you ask yourself a question serve you? Is there a reframe that can be more supportive? If you have no idea what I'm talking about in terms of living your design, I would recommend diving deep into the rabbit hole of Human Design.

Gain Experience

My intention to support small business owners has been rooted in my own experience and struggles of being a solopreneur and having to figure it all out by myself. My first-hand experience is my insight into supporting the clients I currently work with. Also, after I graduated, I interned and worked several part-time jobs. It has allowed me to see what industries and job positions aligned. In my last full-time job at an agency, I didn't just clock in and out. I would absorb and learn how to run a company, the different channels of revenue you can create as a creative entrepreneur in media. It has expanded in what I knew about the media industry without having to go to art school. Also in the past 3 years since becoming my own boss, I invested in a lot of travel experiences to expand my world-view. Traveling allows you to become more open, adventurous and go with the flow. New experiences will nourish in becoming more present, adaptable and appreciate life outside of yourself.

Follow your Inner Guidance

I've been on a manifesting journey ever since I've discovered Gabby Bernstein several years ago. Since discovering her, I've approached spirituality, self-worth, and following our "Inner Guidance System" in reference to your intuition or higher power in a more tangible way. Follow your intuition to guide you in what you are manifesting. I contribute following intuitive downloads most of my life as the reason for my career trajectory and Nature and Intent's existence. Following my intuition is not always simple. I sometimes still struggle defining my authentic truth from programming and projections from others. What I have found useful is listening to what I feel about situations, experiences, and thoughts. That has been the most useful way of navigating. Everyone will have a different experience of intuition, but honing the skill through practice is key.

Connect in Community

A supportive community is everything. I would not be where I am or who I am without the support of people around me. I'm grateful to my boyfriend, my family, my friends, my tea sisters, my wellness friends and network of conscious business owners. They all inspire me and expand me. I feel there are so many opportunities to connect in community if you seek it out. Facebook groups, Instagram, and in-person gatherings are beautiful containers for connecting. One of Nature and Intent's mission is to bridge online and offline connections. We will soon be sharing opportunities to create community through experiences. 

Nature and intent is connecting authentic essence with purpose. We would be honored to support and connect with you, please contact here.

Words by Kristine Lo.

Kristine Lo