5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Creating Original Content.

5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Creating Original Content

Original content creates value and trust for your brand. Creating consistent content for your business is necessary for growth. With the rising awareness of content marketing as the most meaningful way to scale brand awareness and online sales, there's an abundance of inauthentic marketing tactics and content bootcamps promoting pumping out as much content as possible. But why add to the sea of saturated content in the digital space? Why should you, as a small business owner, invest in creating original content? 

1) Content Creates Value & Trust

A picture tells a thousand words. With color, composition and lighting, you can communicate your offerings in a way that breathes life into your brand. Compelling copy creates a tone and language that will resonate with your target audience. When you invest in photography or communicate authentically, you build a relationship. Quality content can communicate the quality and the value of your brand, creating trust in the consumer. 

2) Control Your Narrative

Your unique brand story, products and services sets you apart from businesses with similar offerings. Repurposing other brand's and creator's content not only dilutes your unique narrative, but also violates the copyright of the original content creator. We recommend always to create your own original content to be able to tell your unique brand story.

3) Increased Brand Awareness

In contrast to advertising where you are paying for promotion, visual and written assets on your website, blog, newsletter and social channels act as your 24/7 store front and sales person. The authentic approach to content marketing can organically grow your online presence without paying for the promotion. 

4) Elevated Brand & Positioning

When you purchase a product that works better than others, the value is greater. Thus the price point can be higher. When you invest in creating quality content, you also elevate your overall brand and positively position the value and price of your products and services. Emerging businesses leading with integrity can benefit from authentic marketing through creating valuable content. A marketing approach that is organic can take time in the beginning but in long-term has a higher return.

5) Community & Connection

When your business creates value, trust, positive positioning and a compelling narrative through content, people will resonate with this and find an emotional connection to your brand. Your website, blog, email newsletter or social media channels are platforms that bridge these connections. 

There are many more benefits to creating original content. We work closely with brand owners to discover their nature and intent and help you define the important answers to the following questions: What problem is your product or service solving? Are you clearly communicating all the benefits of your offerings that will resonate with your ideal customer? How are you contributing to the conscious collective through your business? 

Nature and Intent exists to support small businesses with a holistic approach to content & marketing. Our focus is to promote quality over quantity and empower brands to create value through business that helps others and ultimately supports the larger collective. Our holistic perspective in content creation and digital marketing has helped over 100+ brands, agencies and influencers. Discover our vision + intention, case studies, & offerings.

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