Simples Founder Shares Her Personal Journey with Plant as Medicine.

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Simples Founder Traci Donat Shares Her Personal Journey with Plant as Medicine.
Simple Tonics by Traci Donat | Simples Founder Shares Her Personal Journey with Plant as Medicine.

I met Traci Donat, founder of Simples Tonics in Santa Monica, and was immediately captivated by her energy and vast knowledge of plant medicine. I was feeling particularly overworked and needed to focus that day and she recommended a Schisandra tonic. The Simples shop offers tonics made with ethically sourced ingredients and offers a range of elixirs made locally from her garden in Malibu along with apothecary from other brands. She shared with me her personal journey with herbs & plant medicine. Upon learning more about Traci, I found her to be a huge expander with an incredible personal story referencing hardship and strength in comparison to plants. I was drawn to her beautiful brand's aesthetic and the benefits of her nourishing products. But her intention and personal journey is even more inspiring.

Intention for Simples.

Traci Donat: Herbs and plant medicine have been such a gift in my life, and I have spent decades sharing them with friends and family. It was the natural progression and realization of a dream to introduce them to a larger audience. Because I know how nourishing and healing these tonics are, I have always believed that once people try them they will begin to crave them and the good feeling that optimal health brings. In fact we are already seeing that in the store, we have a ton of repeat business and regular customers. Feeling good is addictive. So my ultimate goal is to introduce Simples Tonics to as many people as possible. 

Personal journey with plant medicine.

Traci: Herbalism is my passion. It has always been the thing that lights me up the most. My interest started when I began working with an herbalist as a teenager, I immediately felt the plants, and the benefits I’ve been studying, reading, taking classes, attending conferences and experimenting ever since. There is so much to learn and experience in the world of plant medicine, I will be studying until the end of my days.

Background in media supporting other brands.

Traci: My husband and I were the founders of an advertising agency called Tiny Rebellion and while I left the day-to-day business when I had my daughter, my background definitely has served me as I navigate starting a new brand. Our niche was taking start-ups or new companies and building them into major brands, so I have had a front row seat watching the ups and downs and ultimate victories of visionaries. I definitely have some things to aspire to.

Simples Founder Traci Donat | Her Personal Journey with Plant as Medicine.

Benefits of tonics.

Traci:Tonics are loaded with vitamins and, minerals, but it doesn’t end there. Each plant has its own gift. For example Nettle Tonic is like a daily vitamin but it also is very supportive to the adrenals and kidneys so it’s great for stress and rebuilding from any kind of depletion. We brew the tonics in the shop daily and each one has it’s own specific brewing time to maximize the potency and taste.

All of the tonics we offer at Simples are going to be super nutrient rich and supportive, so you really can’t go wrong. But using the specific words, over-working, stress, and lack of focus, as an exercise, I would have the customer taste, Schisandra, Nettle, and Tulsi , and see which one they felt called to. That’s how we generally work, people give us an idea of where they are at on that particular day and we offer a few suggestions of tonics that we think would be most beneficial, and they very quickly hone in on which tonic or tonics, they are going home with.


Photos and words by Kristine Lo.

"Wellness from my perspective is when our body systems are working optimally. It means the body is getting all of the necessary building blocks to cleanse, repair, and regenerate. That’s why I love the Simples Tonics, they are just that, highly nourishing water based infusions that contain essential vitamins, and minerals in a form that the body can easily assimilate. I believe the body knows what to do and will create balance when given the proper tools." 

Simple Tonics by Traci Donat | Shares Her Personal Journey with Plant as Medicine.

Grateful to have met another business owner leading with her nature and intent. Sharing video highlights from our interview on Instagram @nature.intent.

Visit the Simples Tonics shop at 2724 Main Street Santa Monica, California 90405 and follow on @simplestonics.