How to Share Your Authentic Brand Story.

Communicating your company's intention and offerings can either be simple and straight-forward or extremely daunting. As an entrepreneur, you don't automatically gain the skill for writing and communicating your offerings efficiently. Brand strategists, digital marketers, and consultants exist to create ads, campaigns, and content that position your brand to your aligned customer and community. You can hire a skilled copywriter to communicate your brand intention and offerings, but it's important to practice sharing your brand story from your own voice. As the owner of your business, you have the unique insight and experiences to authentically share your brand story. 

A brand is more than its brand identities (i.e. logos, websites, fonts, colors, etc) which is why it's important to create content that communicates your brand intention and offerings.

Your unique experiences and intention behind your brand is the foundation for your content and marketing. Whether you run an investor-backed start-up or fully self-funded business, positioning your brand and communicating your story effectively can lead people to invest or purchase from your business. There's a sea of saturated content and marketing and we strive to share an authentic approach to share your brand intention, products, and services.

Defining who you are, what you offer, where you're from, when you decided to start the business and the WHY behind your business make up your brand story. Your why is important because it's your intention. So, before creating your content and marketing, you must clearly define your intent.

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Kristine Lo