Disconnect to Connect with Your Essence


It’s been a few weeks since I returned home to Los Angeles from a week-long Vipassana (silent) retreat.

For the past few years, I’ve created an annual ritual of retreat + digital detox to deepen my practice and disconnect to connect to my essence.

A retreat is not just a vacation to escape into nature but a practice of moment-to-moment present awareness to witness your true self outside all your conditioning, distractions, and comfort. I’m still unfolding post-retreat and the insights from this potent experience. What I will share is that I feel extremely fortunate to have this meaningful experience to nourish my ‘nature and intent’.

To experience insight, clarity and a deep understanding of my human experience is a privilege that I do not take for granted.

Nourishing oneself is never a selfish act but one that can create a ripple effect of good. Because I realize that a week-long retreat is a luxury and privilege that not every can have, I wanted to share the ways you can DISCONNECT to CONNECT WITH YOUR ESSENCE without having to meditate and practice noble silence on retreat for a week.


Words by Kristine Lo.



Here are 3 ways to NOURISH YOUR ESSENCE:


  1. Download Guided Meditation App

Meditation is a practice to cultivate a conscious perspective. It provides us with a break away from all the distractions of modern life.

If you don’t have access to meditation classes in your area, the next best thing is a guided meditation via an app. It’s amazing how better we can feel when we’re experiencing life outside of your phone or social media even if it’s just for an hour! Technology isn’t all bad when used with intention.

Download the FREE app, INSIGHT TIMER and choose from thousands of GUIDED MEDITATIONS or timers with the various bells & sounds. You can also cultivate a consistent meditation practice by tracking your daily meditation progress logged each time you use this app.

2. Go Outside in Nature

Shinrin-yoku or most commonly known as ‘Forest Bathing’ is a Japanese practice of immersing in nature which has scientifically proven to positively impact mental and physical health.

You’ve probably already experienced this before you’ve even heard of the term ‘Forest Bathing’.

  • How did you feel the last time you went hiking

    or laid out on the beach?

My own personal experience is one of a deep sense of peacefulness and calm. Being in nature is the medicine to dissolve worries and quiet my busy mind. Not to mention, my most creative ideas have come while I was immersing and present in nature.

3. Connect with a Friends ‘Offline’

Humans are social creatures and we evolved to gather and work together. But social media apps, like Instagram, create a false sense of connection. You may see your best friends’ IG Stories daily but you may not know if they had a crap week or going through something. Snaps and moments shared on social media are just that.. snapshots of our experiences.

We know that our INSTAGRAM feed is a curation of our ‘highlight reels’. So how can we balance out the time we engage with friends on social media and actually connecting offline?

The feeling of getting a like or comment is no comparison to a meaningful offline connection + conversation.

Whether we’ve met at an event once, have worked together on elevating your brand, or have only engaged with our content online,

it is our intention to support you in aligning with your authentic essence and purpose.

We invite you to join our growing conscious community at NATURE AND INTENT.

Kristine Lo