The Benefits of Hiring a Creative Agency



Hiring a Creative Team

Most startups and established companies hire creative agencies to execute their marketing. Think of the big brands like Apple, Coca-Cola, and Nike. There's a team of marketers, account managers, and creative professionals that produce the numerous ads and marketing content for these major brands. With the help of agencies, these brands have invested decades of branding, advertising and marketing that has elevated their products and brand values into household names. 

At Nature and Intent, our services and offerings are a fraction of the price you’d pay for a traditional agency because we are consciously seeking to support the emerging and established brands with the intention in creating a meaningful impact. We believe that you don’t need to be a venture-backed startup with millions in funding to create a positive ripple effect for the collective good.
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Here’s a visual of how it works:

In summary, a brand hires an agency with a team of creative/marketing/production professionals that create content to deliver via different media channels targeted to the brand’s ideal customer/client/community.

As you can imagine, this is a lot of work. But it’s important to note that when you hire professionals to execute your vision, you are investing in creating the legacy of your brand.

Benefits & Investment

  1. High Quality Production & Meaningful Impact

A creative agency consists of a team (creative director, photographer, producer, content creator, brand strategist, project manager, & more) with years of experience & refined skills to CONCEPT. CREATE. PRODUCE. & LAUNCH your brand vision or creative project. You receive the support of a team to deliver QUALITY production that aligns with your vision, intention, brand objectives, and target community.

To communicate visually and through intentional messaging the essence of your brand is an investment that can create the most impact. 

2. Save Time & Focus on Your Offerings

Outsourcing the content creation for your brand can feel uncomfortable if you’ve been your branding and content for awhile. But creative agencies exist so that you can focus on building your small business and serving your clients or customers not spending time creating visual assets and content (especially if that is not your forte).

3. To Look, Feel, & Be Professional

Do you remember the day you got your Fictitious Business Name or Business License? How about when you launched your website with a dedicated domain name? 

This same exciting feeling of accomplishment is how you would feel working with an aligned creative agency. It is an investment and conscious choice to uplevel your brand. With this choice and action, you are creating an internal and external shift that will empower you to not just look professional but to be and feel like you’re building a business that creates a meaningful impact.



NATURE AND INTENT is a creative agency and consultancy offering content creation, holistic branding, marketing, and experiences for conscious brands and individuals. Our intention is to elevate your authentic essence and purpose so that you can create a meaningful impact.


Kristine Lo