How to Build a Conscious Business


Written by Kristine Lo.

I've shared this many times over that building a conscious business and supporting brands in creating a meaningful impact is a challenging but rewarding endeavor.

With that said, I've been observing + practicing how I can ease my ego-based expectations and tendency to know it all and do it all. When you've been a one-woman show for years, learning to delegate tasks and give up some creative execution is incredibly difficult. I admit to being quite a perfectionist and control-freak.

But to create the meaningful impact I desire means practicing what I preach: To have a conscious + compassionate perspective on my experiences.

  • Started practicing looking at my work and offerings in a new light. Asking the right questions.

  • Sought the advice of other experts on how to refine our offerings and improve our strategy.

  • Even asked my team how we can improve our current systems and workflow.

Entrepreneurship is a continuous learning experience. Receiving expert advice and business consultation from others has always made a significant impact on our business growth. At the root, it started with me dropping my ego, seeking out help, and cultivating a different perspective.

This is how I'm building a conscious business that supports others and also nourishes my own nature and intent.

Nature and Intent exists to support Conscious Brand Owners.

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Kristine Lo