Content Creation, Social Media, Strategy, Event Production


Built Workspace Oasis from concept to launch | 2017

  • Created strategic messaging that organically attracted community.

  • Communicated intention through conscious content and copy to attract supportive community.

  • Maintain consistency of experience for members from social media to real life.

Video by Amelia Damplo

  • Content creation for Web + Social media + Events

  • Event Production

  • Brand Partnerships

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Community Management (Instagram, Facebook)

  • Create strategic messaging to attract organic community

  • Content Creation for Web + Social media

Produced original content for website + social media platforms. Created visual imagery to attract community. Executed strategic messaging to attract organic community.

  • Event Production + Programming

Co-created concept for monthly popups and event programming that merged co-working, wellness, and community. Produced and executed event from prep to post-production.

  • Brand Partnerships

Secured food, beauty, and wellness brand partnerships that were consciously aligned. Coordinated with meditation teachers, holistic and business facilitators to offer one-on-one offerings and workshops. 

  • Social Media Management

Created content and managed social accounts. Engage with community through a strategic marketing approach rooted in authenticity and intention. 

  • Community Management

Crafted newsletters and built relationships within freelance and wellness community. Created and executed strategy to promote event digitally and in-person.