How I Manifested my Dream Career.


Career journey has been on my mind lately. For many people, this is a huge part of our daily life and intentions. So I wanted to share how I manifested my dream career.

It started when I was a fashion designer and built my first business before I turned 20 years old. You learn a lot from building & bootstrapping a brand from the ground up. You learn how to be resourceful, work with vendors & customers, manage yourself, refine your messaging & marketing to align with your sales objectives and most importantly understand that entrepreneurship is one of the most challenging endeavors.

After several years of solopreneur burnout, I made one of the toughest decisions and chose to end my small business. I ceased my DTLA studio office lease and applied for a "real job". The job I landed was as an Administrative Assistant position that became a Finance Manager role at a Photo Agency in Venice.

Through my fashion brand, my passion was always sharing visual stories which I had expressed through ready-to-wear clothing & jewelry collections.

Even though I would crunch numbers and create artists earnings reports behind a computer 9-6pm Monday - Friday, the experience working at a Photo agency representing talented Visual Artists worldwide was the inspiration and catalyst to build a career where I could 'Create for a Living'.

To develop my skills and make my dreams a reality, I took Photography, Film, Advertising, and Marketing courses in the evenings. On the weekends, I would edit and schedule shoots. I built my portfolio and started shooting fashion look books & campaigns with brands I loved and also created content on retainer for emerging brands.

Since 2014, I've worked with over a hundred clients ranging from agencies, brand owners, influencers, and conscious companies. With 4 years of Full-time Freelancing, I still pinch myself that I get work on my passion of capturing and telling visual stories.

If you've been following Nature and Intent for some time, you already know that the icing on the cake and Finding my Purpose has been through this company. Nature and Intent exist to not only create content and elevate your brand. Our creative services and experiences support you and our community to create a meaningful impact.

My intent to share all of this is to hopefully inspire you to continue dreaming the life & career you desire.

It might take years or weeks to create your dream life.


But you can start today (this moment) just by tuning in to that inner voice (your intuition) and feeling gratitude for all that you currently have. I'm still working towards bigger dreams but I strive to always listen to my intuition and ask myself:

“What can I learn from today?”
"How can I grow to support my dreams?”

Keep on working towards and creating your dream life because one day you’ll wake up living & having all that you’ve always wanted. ✌🏼💫

Want to Manifest your Dream Freelance Career? 👩🏻‍💻📸🤳🏼✈️🌴💁🏻‍♀️💫

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Written by Kristine Lo.

Kristine Lo